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Welcome to the CEM Global Tax Planning, LLC Webinar & Video Store!


"Empowering Through Knowledge"

Founder and Principal Christine Elsea Mandojana, CPA, CFP® has been working with the foreign affairs community and U.S. expats for more than 15 years. The tax and financial planning issues impacting this community are varied and more complex than those impacting U.S. citizens living solely in the United States. Unable to help everyone who asks, Christine decided to launch this webinar series to empower participants with more detailed knowledge specific to the foreign affairs and U.S. expat lifestyle.


Although we cannot provide enough information in a series of webinars to answer every question, being more knowledgeable in tax and financial planning issues will help you (1) better assess a practitioner's ability to assist you, (2) review the advice/final product provided by the practitioner, and (3) make better planning decisions.

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